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    The latest addition to my arsenals, the Nikkor 24 1.4G acts as a normal 36mm prime for my D7000. It might be the most uneconomical choice I’ve made so far in photography, but the quality of this lens (even at wide open aperture) is undoubtedly justifying its existence in my bag. This is the sharpest lens I’ve ever seen at F/1.4, from corner to corner in DX format. 

    It’s not a small lens as you can see from the size comparison with 85 1.4D 1.4G, it’s actually larger and heavier. It’s almost as heavy and as long as my Nikkor 17-55 F/2.8 without the hood. With closest focus up to 25cm from the sensor, this lens is undoubtedly perfect for my food photography style.

    From the last photo, we can see how good this lens performs at night. The EXIF shows 1/80 F/1.4 ISO 1600, which means I actually can bring it down to ISO 800 to reduce the noise level without worrying about the camera shake. Also we can see how this lens separate the object and the background without feeling compressed (as we normally find in telephoto). 

    If you’re shooting Nikon, and looking for the best lens available for gathering light in a really dark condition or looking forward to separate your object with the background without feeling compressed, this is the lens you should save up for! If this lens can’t, then you’re looking at Mission: Impossible =p

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